Electrosmog-free Environment

In the majority of beds with metal sprung mattresses, the springs behave as small magnets. Their fields push and pull each other at the same time. These fields can easily create uneven magnetic fields. Although the magnetic and electromagnetic radiation is invisible, their presence still causes unrest within our inner system.

Researchers know this condition as "disturbed" sleep, which may result in blood supply, circulatory or metabolism problems, high blood pressure or increased excreta subsidence.

VitalWOOD® mattresses use wooden coil springs instead of metal springs in order to provide an undisturbed environment for a truly peaceful rest! The base material for wooden coil springs is beech wood which is compressed and formed through a special process. The beech wooden coil springs, produced under a process unique throughout the world, regain their shape 100% even after 120.000 pressings, i.e. the simulation of 30 years use and guarantee a three times longer life span. Even more important is the advantage of not collecting and amplifying harmful radiation from the environment.