Prime Spring

Prime Spring

Spine protection and weight distribution
  • Electrosmog-free, handmade mattress with AWST™, featuring bore holes in an air circulating, 100% natural MAYAN GREEN latex core
  • 100% natural MAYAN GREEN latex comfort layers with zones, providing optimum weight distribution
  • Compressed coconut fiber reinforcement and protection layer running through the whole surface of the body
Comfort and Hygiene
  • 100% natural medium hard MAYAN GREEN latex core (80 kg/m3) divided into five different hardness zones, featuring bore holes, with air circulation
  • Air circulating interior
  • Air conditioning and antistatic natural cotton inner lining
  • Antistatic, wetness absorbing natural mattress cover with a pleasant touch
  • Air circulating, medium hard 100% natural MAYAN GREEN latex core (80 kg/m3), featuring bore holes
  • Organic, steamed and compressed, electrosmog-free beech springs
  • 100% natural MAYAN GREEN latex lying surface divided into five zones (70 kg/m3)
  • Compressed coconut fiber weight distribution and stabilizing layer
  • Natural cotton inner lining
  • Antistatic, excellent wetness and air absorbing 100% cotton LUGANO Natural mattress cover, stitched with natural wool that cannot be washed but can be dry cleaned

Prime Spring Topper

Prime spring 100% natural mayan latex topper
  • 5 cm thick, 100% natural MAYAN latex core
  • 100% cotton interior lining
  • Antistatic, excellent wetness absorbing, 100% cotton topper cover with good ventilation that can be dry-cleaned

Technical details

Size (190/200 cm x) 80/90 cm 120/140 cm 160/180 cm
Weight 17 kg 23/26 kg 30/34 kg
Thickness 22-23 cm 22-23 cm 22-23 cm
Number of Wooden Springs 20 25/30 40
Cover LUGANO Natural (100% cotton)
Warranty 7 years 7 years 7 years

Where to Buy?

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