What physiological effects does a metal-free bed have?

Unlike beds incorporating metal-springs the VitalWOOD® mattresses – being all metal free – neither collect nor do they intensify the extremely detrimental fields of force that may cause un-relaxed or restless sleeping or in some cases organic disorders, thus they ensure a healthier environment free from electro-smog and electro-stress.

Beds including metal springs have adverse physiological effects

The electric and electromagnetic radiations on the surface of the Earth - whether they come from swallets (underground streams), high-voltage power lines or the electronic implements found in bedrooms -, although in a different rate, affect our health. The recognition of electro-smog gave rise to a great number of researches which examine the processes and effects inside our homes or even in our bedrooms. According to such studies as detrimental effects of "disturbed beds" impaired perfusion, circulation disorders and metabolic disorders, or hypertension and intense deposition of excreta may develop.

"Due to the complete turmoil deriving from different polarization and the electromagnetic field a fatally uneven field of force develops over the human body. The higher this unevenness on a certain place is the more intensively an obstacle appears on the body laying over this place, which will impede or decelerate the speed of circulation of the fluids - blood, lymph - in human body thus slowing down the physiological processes."

Dipl. Geophysicist Stefan Petőfalvi

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The measurable scientific evidence of the harmful effects of metal grids and spring mattress cores are presented here.

Due to the uneven magnetic field, the rate of blood circulation is reduced by almost half, as confirmed by Dr Jens Collatz of the Fürstenhof Natural Healing Centre in Werne in his Doppler ultrasound measurements.

From the experiment of Dr. Collatz, we first wanted to know whether, and to what extent, spring mattress cores and couch and chair upholstery etc. have an effect on and are harmful to blood circulation and, thus, our health. We also sought to demonstrate how the magnetic mattress pads "Magnopuls combo" (III/21), with which Dr. Collatz successfully treated damage that had already occurred, actually worked. The results are set out here:

1. Right foot no interference: 831 millilitres per minute 831 ml/m
2. Right foot under influence of external inhomogeneous static magnetic field (spring mattress core) 485 ml/m
3. Right foot under influence of pulsating magnetic field (magnetic mattress pads) after 3 minutes 693 ml/m
4. Left foot no interference: 754 millilitres per minute 754 ml/m
5. Left foot under influence of external inhomogeneous static magnetic field (spring mattress core) 483 ml/m
6. Left foot under influence of pulsating magnetic field (magnetic mattress pads) after 15 minutes 814 ml/m

The rate of the blood circulation was reduced by almost half by the spring core mattresses. After only 3 minutes the magnetic pads almost remedied the damage, and after 15 minutes an even better result was achieved than the starting position.

Even if you no longer use a spring core mattress, the magnetic mattress pads are still good for the treatment of circulatory disorders. But if you still have one of those circulation-inhibiting mattresses, causing harm to your health: It is finally time to get rid of them!

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Dipl. Geophysicist Stefan Petőfalvi
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