Spine protection with anatomically active wooden coil spring system

At night the body requires deep, relaxing sleep. When you close your eyes, at first your heart rate and breathing slow down. The muscles still work similarly to the waking condition at this stage. In order to fall asleep, muscle tension must decrease and the support muscles running along the spine also need to relax. This is only possible if the role of these support muscles is taken over by your bed, which follows the shape of your spine, thus providing stable and flexible support to the body at each and every point.

parallax background

In addition to the wooden coil springs, the process by which the springs are incorporated into the mattresses also makes VitalWOOD® mattresses truly special. The innovation developed by us through the AWS (Anatomical Wooden Spring™) technology sees the distribution and arrangement of the wooden coil springs being based on anatomic considerations. The wooden coil springs embedded within a special shell-type structure are capable of independent movement and take the body weight evenly relieving the spine, thus enabling the revitalisation of discs and muscles.