Unique structure with continuous ventilation

The temperature of our bodies is highest at around 9 p.m. and gradually decreases after falling asleep, rising upwards and returning to its normal value at around 5 a.m. As a consequence of these temperature changes the body generates 600-800 ml of moisture nightly. If the body is unable to decrease its core temperature or if you are too warm, too cold or your bed cannot divert the moisture, you will be unable to sleep well.

Due to the materials we use and the unique structural solutions VitalWOOD® mattresses breathe with you. We use carefully selected materials which adjust to your sleeping phases and are able to regulate temperature and moisture. In order to derive the maximum benefit from these intelligent materials, we considered internal ventilation as an important aspect during the development of our mattresses. VitalWOOD® mattresses take a breath with every movement: the air within the mattress bodies start to flow by compressing the wooden coil sprung inlay providing fast and continuous ventilation in the mattress by flowing through the ventilation channels which enmesh the body of the mattress.