VitalWOOD® History

We have been manufacturing bedroom furniture for 25 years. Being committed to the culture of bio-harmonious sleep, we have always liked to work with organic materials which provide a perfect night’s rest due to their positive effects.

The appropriate materials are paired with unique and inventive structural solutions. Our ever widening anatomic and ergonomic knowledge gained over 20 years makes possible our only having beds in our product range which guarantee outstanding comfort and a healthy sleeping environment.

As a result of the research of almost 10 years, we opened a new chapter in natural sleeping culture with the VitalWOOD® mattresses, introduced in 2011. We developed a metal-free mattress range and bed system, which provide perfect spine support, bodyline mapping, ventilation and a neutral electromagnetic sleeping environment due to the wooden coil springs. Unique in the world. It is proven by the results of researches the mattresses with metal inner-spring cores collect the electromagnetic radiation from their environment, which affect the physiological processes adversely. Those following the natural sleeping culture will avoid the detrimental effects of electro-smog by preferring the traditional mattresses with coco-latex or foam inner core, but they give up long term protection of their spines. As a matter of fact the layers of "traditional" mattresses as years pass will get compacted, that is they lose from their flexible counter-force necessary to support the spine.

It is not by mere chance that the spiral metal-rings (in proper quality and applied in a way to accord with the knowledge of anatomy) facilitate perfect supporting of the spine, for long-long years. The only problem is that they are made of metal.

Unlike metal-springs the all metal-free VitalWOOD® mattresses neither collect nor do they intensify harmful radiations coming from the environment, and the built-in spiral wooden-springs ensure anatomically perfect support of the spine, with even three times longer life-time!