Quality Assurance Policy

Our product development process incorporates certification by independent, internationally recognized quality control and testing organizations as standard procedure. Our range of mattresses is certified by the international TÜV-SÜD standard, the Institute for Medical and Hospital Engineering, as well as the University of Western Hungary Research Laboratories.


Our product development is based on the most recent health, safety and environment protection standards.

Mayan Green

100% Organic Latex


The flexibility and durability of latex layers in the VitalWOOD® mattresses is guaranteed by the LGA qualitest.


100% Quality

TÜV Nord

The product was produced in a manufacturing facility certified with ISO 9001:2009 standard.

ÖKO Smart

Responsible safety: in the course of the production we put great emphasis on not only the product but the cleanliness and environmentally protective nature of the production process.

Confidence in Textiles

VitalWOOD® mattresses are made with textiles which comply with the rigorous Ökotex certification system.

TÜV Kermi

The outstanding quality and long life-span of the VitalWOOD® mattress family is certified by the internationally recognised TÜV-SÜD.